Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kampar @ Its Best
2 and a half year ago, i hated this place so much. And today, 2 and a half year later, i know i fell in love with this place. Although not developed, this place definitely one of the best. The air in the morning is so fresh u need not breathe and ur body can absorb the o2 thru your skin. i have to admit, the food here is not as good, but still manageable. This place offers all sorts of natural excitement you can never see in Penang or KL. This place is really @ its best if the weather is not hot.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Not me anymore

Human, like any ordinary animal, we hunt, we eat, and we live. What makes us superior to other animals? We are blessed with a powerful brain where no other animals have. Closest to us, the monkeys, the orang utan, and the gorrila. But none of them are able to produce technological advances. The issue is, the universe bless us with a powerful brain, but for what?

I always have the perception that as a human myself, it is my responsibility to protect the weak ones. By saying weak, i am not referring to humans, but animals. Isn't our responsibility, being given a powerful brain, to protect the animals, or at least don harm them?

Taking care of weaker animals has always been my priority. I wonder what is happening, but i seems to be changing slowly. Smth that bothers me today, a kitten was following me for the whole evening. I got really agitated, but of course u will not see me hitting them. I admit i will never hit any animals out of nothing. The most i will do is to hit my hand on the wall to release my anger. So back to the kitten, he was following me. I was walking to a friend's house and he followed. It's very annoying and i didn't care bout him following. He was on the road side. There is this car, drove so fast and i don't think he even saw the kitten, he nearly roll over it. The kitten was shocked, and was crying. I look at it, and from his eyes, he's thinking, "I just want to be friendly, and u dont even care bout me. I nearly died because i just want to be around with you. Don't you even care? I'm scared now. Please, bring me with you" I can hear his begging cry, but i just walk off, leaving him at the side of the road. This is the worst decision i did. he was there, shocked, when i walk away. If it was me last time, i would had bring him home and keep him in somewhere safe before going to my friend's house. Well i hope he don't die. It's really bothering me. He's just a kitten, a mere few months old kitten. How could i be such a mean ass? Ugh.. May the universe bless u kitten.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Waking up from dreams...

11 Jun 2010
I always thought that even with a very good result, u cant build a good career if u are not outspoken and street smart. But after thinking bout it overnight, lets say u are outspoken, and smart but, without good result, will u even have the chance to impress your future employer? Chances are they won't even be bothered to look at your resume let alone call you for an interview. Thinking about it over and over again, in my University's life, i never did fight hard for my academic. To me, to be an average student with normal lifestyle is sufficient because i am not the type of student the will really study hard in nature. Come to think about this, now that i am in the third year of studies, i only left 1 yr before i come out to the real world. If i do not pull my CGPA to a second upper, will i have the chance in the accounting field, not to mention the Big Four.

Yes, i don't think that i will stick to the audit firm forever, because even as i am typing now, i am thinking and craving for ways to be living a above average life. I don't think that auditing job is my type of job because, seriously how much can u earned from working in office? To me, the best way to build a good career is through investments. And as per today, i know nuts about investment.

What makes me write this? I had a mid term for Advanced Taxation yesterday. I weren't prepared at all and something really silly happened. I think this is the way god wants me to realize that it is never right to depends too much to others. In order not to depends to people, what i need to do is to be literate my own. I have around 7 weeks left for my y3s1. It's not late if i fight for my studies. I am always satisfied to just score averagely in order just to maintain at 3.0. But now, I am very very determined to increase the CGPA of myself. Be it for my own future, or to challenge myself, i will try to be serious this semester.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where do i stand?

At times, most of the times, i asked myself...
Where do i stand? What am i? Who am i?
I cant find the answer. I don't know the answer.
Day after day, as time passed away,
things aren't the way they were before...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Different way of writing

This tone is very very familiar. I heard it somewhere but i couldn't remember. It is very annoying and it is disturbing my sleep. Oh no! It's my alarm and it is already 11.45am. "I am going to be so late today! She is so going to kill me!" I told myself.
I run to the bathroom, reach for the tab and rinse. "I must be real fast! I must not be late more than 15 minutes" I mumbled.
As i walk out of the bathroom, i reach for my jeans, and i grab a t-shirt that i don't even know the color. Grab my beg, and run to my car. "Be good and don't follow me" i tell Blackie, a stray dog that stay in my house. I hit the pedal as soon as i start the car and i reach Diadre's house in a minute and a half. The sun is burning on top and I have nothing in my stomach now. What if she comes in and say "we're late, let's not eat our lunch". I will be dead of hunger.
"Morning, darling" she said as she enter the car. "It's damn fucking hot today! I'm sweating like a cow" she complain. "Morning honey. Where for lunch" i ask. Well she say anywhere will do so i start pressing my pedal.
Oh my god! The shop that i used to eat is close. There is nowhere for lunch now. "I will be hungry ghost" i mumbled.
Suddenly eating Indian food pop out in my mind. Well hmmm, it will be great but will i have the time? I think less and act fast, maneuver to the Indian shop.
"Nasi goreng Kambing dan Milo Ais" I ordered. As usual i see no appetite in my Diadre. "Roti Milo dan Teh Oh Ice Limau" she order hers. I swallow as fast as i could and rush to Uni. It is 12.45 now, and i am late for my Law's class for more than 15 minutes. As we enter the class, i look down the floor dare not look at the tutor. Time flies really fast and without noticing, it is already 2pm. Next class is Taxation...another boring class. "Get me a coke please darling" i tell Diadre as she walks pass me to the cafeteria. I am surprise that her mood is good today because there will be few days in a month she has bad mood, and today should be the day. As i expected, nothing much during the class, I just keep on typing and typing from what is shown on the board. "I thought typing using a laptop will be faster than writing as u said? " the tutor tease me. I just try to ignore by just saying "I am already done, you are slow in scrolling down". Without noticing, it is already 3.30pm. Everyone is busy keeping their books. I need to fill in my application form for the broadband service. Everyone leave the class as i pack my thing. Love Diadre is already in the canteen as i walk.
Time flies and I am already in my room. I don't know what to do now because my room is so hot. I reach for my Watson Shampoo and glove, i run to Zhan Wei and wake him up. "We are washing Blackie today, no saying no" I said to him. He is reluctant to wake up. I walk down and prepare myself. OMG he stinks. "He has not bathe since he was born" i told zhan wei
"EEEeee Damn smelly. Pour more pour more of the shampoo" Zhan Wei react as he pour the shampoo on Blackie.
Blackie is struggling because i think the shampoo sting his wound. I quickly wash him for the 3rd time and rinse him clean. As soon as i let him go, he run pass me. "I'm sorry but i don't want you to be rotten" i tell myself.
It's dinner time and Zhan Wei and Chun Loong buy me 2 chicken wing from night market. I thought i will have a lot of things to eat but zhan wei say "U need to on diet" and laugh.
I am so going out for supper later. There will be Taxation Mid Term coming up this Friday. I need to start studying. My notes are all in a mess and i need to arrange them according to subject. I reach for my taxation notes and start reading them. "what are all these" i ask myself.

Monday, February 8, 2010

new semester

Start a new semester with 5 new subjects namely taxation, company law, business finance, audit practice and performance management. I guess all of it is hard at first. Well, it proves to be true. Except for Performance management. Life is going to be tough this semester. I tried to divide my time well. I have no class on Monday, which means i will bet in Penang from Friday night till Monday morning. These are the days i assume i wont study...which means i am left with 4 days to pick up my studies. I am trying to cope by doing tutorial before hand but i am already struggling. Will i survive? Can i maintain a CGPA of 3.0? Well, i will keep u updated.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday spent with beloved parents

Well, nothing's up today. Went to bed at 2, slept at 3, woke up at 8. Went to my EePoh's house for some stuff until 11, then went for a Thai Buffet. Not really nice, i just love the appertizer! Well since nothing is up, these are the photos taken during last Winter in The USA and Canada. These are few of my collection, enjoy!

A very huge x'mas tree! trust me it's damn huge!!

Niagara falls before it was frozen..

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

My LoVe

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It's December!!!

First of all, it's December again. Nothing really special happened this year...
Not much changes does not mean no changes in me... I sense that my ability to control my temper deteriorated and this is something i really hate. I've tried my best to give my best to my loved ones. But whenever my temper is up, i screw everything.
I've tried to control, but whenever i am over hungry while driving, i really couldn't control it. I know I hurt people thru it, but i just can't control!! Any psychologist out there willing to help me in this? Things aren't going the way it should be. A lot of things changed. And i must change! I must and i can control my hunger. Being hungry is not painful, and it is something i can control. Just that being hungry, and have to concentrate, makes me lose my mind. Just being 22 year old for 5 days. I must be able to act maturely and i must control my words and temper. Do not lose control easily, control temper and never never show face to my Darling :p I can!! i will!! i must!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nothing to do now since i slept from 4 to 8. Let's see if i could share some photos.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Didn't update for quite some time now... I have no idea what to write anymore as everyday seems to be the same. Wake up go class > go eat > reach home > sit infront laptop > go eat dinner > go home > yamcha > sleep. Sounds fabulous for working community... i know that. But not for me. At least let me do smth different once in a while? Wanted to go Ipoh today, but due to dunno what, i made my mind not to. I know that my gf is thinking alot of things, and everything seems to be bothering her. Haven't seen her natural smile for quite sometime. I am damned pretty sure she needs rest. Without getting her permission, today, i drove her straight to my house. I know if she see me sleep, she will be sleeping too. But today, not the case. She wasn't sleeping as well. I can't think of a way, but to wake up. And i sleep again, hoping that she follows, to no avail. Some how or rather, after i woke up, she nap on me. Hmmm... If i were Edward Cullen, i coulda be able to read her mind. I will be able to know whats bothering her. This shucks... ARGH!!! SHOW OUT LOUD!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Public Transport Service in MALAYSIA!!!

Well, i wasn't always a fan of public transportation, especially here in Malaysia. The service is hell of a joke. Anyway, i thought every deserved at least 2nd chance. Whenever i think of taking public transport, i will be thinking of all the fuss, delayed, never come, over crowded, smelly, dirty............... And so much so, I've decided to give it another try. Our government has always declared how many millions if not billions they spent to improve public transportation in Malaysia. Either because Penang is an opposition state, or the money fell into some other people's pocket. Other than this two reasons, i couldn't think of any others. I walked into the ferry terminal. On the way in, the pathway was dirty, eerie, more to a 3rd world county. I supposed, if am not wrong, there shouldn't be beggars around any public area. Along the pathway, i could see at least 3 beggars. Well, they are obviously not physically challenged at all. I believe they could work! Cut the crap on this, IF LIM GUAN ENG IS READING THIS, PLS BY ALL MEANS, clean up this area! This is one of your revenue! This is the first thing tourists are going to see once they step onto our island. The problems that made me mad wasn't this, after all, i'm ok with this. What i was pissed about is the ferry service. It was supposed to come at 8.20pm. I mean, ferry for passengers. It did came, at 8.30pm. It offloads the passenger as we thought we could get on board, it suddenly off the lights. Went backward, and parked at the side. I will not be this furious if weren't for catching train at 9.00pm. I reached the terminal at 8.00pm. There are lots of passenger waiting for the next ferry. It came, at 8.45pm. and moved only at 8.55pm. If they were to follow on schedule, I wouldn't had missed my train(cost me RM19). What type of management is this? Yg Berhormat Mr Lim Guan Eng, please, you need to do something with this bunch of useless hopeless retarded lazy animals! Once i alighted the ferry, i run and run and run as though it was a run for survival, as though a werewolf is right behind me, chasing after me. As i expected, it was all too little too late, the train left. I collapse at the same time gasping for air. My lung hardly took any air when i was running. Full of disappointment, covered with anger, along with tiredness, was my feeling at that time. I had no choice but to call my parents to update them of my status. They asked me take a ferry home, and they will be waiting for me at the island terminal. So i walk slowly back to the terminal, at the same time, i was looking left and right, trying to find for the management office. I know pretty well, their working hour is from 8-5 daily. But who knows, miracle do happens. Like i wasn't supposed to be late, but i was late, because of the ferry. Anyway, the management office has no lights in them. If i come back tomorrow, i will be without anger and passion to debate. I guess i will just leave it as it is. While waiting for the ferry, i continued my New Moon. I didnt noticed that i sat there for a whole shit of 55minutes. I will never ever ever land my legs on this terminal anymore. Their services are rather ridiculous! This will never happen in Hong Kong. Their ferry service is always consistence. Perhaps, they have good funding, or a group of dedicated employees. I will never encourage my friends from other country to even think of trying our ferry! Visit Malaysia! only if you know how to drive, or you prefer walking, because, the public transport in Malaysia is a nightmare!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another nonsense

Uh.. It has been a while i stop updating. So fast, a new semester will begin. So fast, a 3 weeks holiday is over. So fast, i'll have to leave my nice bed again. So fast, i'm going back to a place that offers me nothing.
There are so many things playing in my mind right now but i don't know how to write them out. Maybe my understanding of english is low. Couldn't put them in words.

Hmmph! Like what "chai gaw" (of Rosy Business) said; There is how many 10 years in life? Live life the fullest!! Make sure every moment/second is happy! Happy!!! Let's talk bout happy things. I spent 6 days in Singapore with my gf. Yea standard of living is so damn high there, and worst of all, our Malaysia Ringgit Rate fell against Singapore Dollar. RM2.50 is equivalent to $1. From what i observed in singapore, i personally think that they import way more than they export, but what makes their Singapore Dollar to hike so fast in the past 10 years? Tourism? A place for foreign investment? I really don't know. Anybody pls? Help out? Well, as far as i could remember, their Dollar was equally worth to our RM. I mean, of course way back in 1980's 90's. They were like us, just small town. But now, although they are just a small island, i believe their economy is way better than ours. Why is that so? Lead by wrong people? No, i truly admire and respect our formers with their way of leading. From Tunku Abdul Rahman, next Tun Mahathir(Does not agree though with his "i don like your way, i keep u in ISA) and recently Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. What bout the cabinet? Ministers? Perhaps they should be of people with loads of experience and qualification. Look at our own cabinet. Nothing much to say. Eh, i'm supposed to talk bout How Nice my Tour In Singapore was. Not Malaysia. Whoever traveling to Singapore, need not worry bout transportation. Just bring a map with the MRT,LRT map. U will get to mostly anywhere u want to go. They have a very efficient public transport. Those working in public transportation are very helpful and willing to help you at any time. I'm just referring to those working in service industry! Not any normal singaporean u pick up. Trust me, they BITE!!! Or worst, they CHEW!!! Normal working singaporeans are not friendly. I REPEAT, THEY ARE NOT FRIENDLY. THEY LOVE STARING, CURSING, and u name it, THEY ARE INTO IT! NEVER MESS WITH THEM I REPEAT DO NOT MESS WITH THEM!! Other than their unfriendliness, Singapore is indeed a very nice place to visit. They have nice infrastructure and a very well kept parks. I was told that it is a must for them, to do charity, contribute to the community. So any parks or zoo, their animals are adopted by big companies. That's the way how big companies should contribute right? Let's not take other big company, just take PLUS for instance. Making big big big money even during recession/depression. Why? They are supported. Did they contribute anything? Yes!! I MEAN YES!!! THEY GIVE A 6MONTHS BONUS TO THEIR EMPLOYEE. Ridiculous!!! No wonder my beloved country never grows! Alright, when visit Singapore, remember to visit their Bird Park, Zoo, but not Night Safari. Sentosa Island is a must to visit. In there, Song of the Sea is a must to watch. Cost $10. It's really worth that money. I will upload the video in YouTube when i am free. Of course, shopping in Sg is nice provided you have enough. People like us, each having $400, we can only spend on things that necessary. Well, it's really nice visiting singapore especially with an adventurous and loving gf :).

I didnt really do anything since came back from SG. The only big event was the examination result. My result, as expected, below par. Below average, way below average. I couldn't complaint much, i knew i did marvelous mistakes in almost all the papers. All silly mistakes. But these silly mistakes will not happen should i study more. Practice makes perfect.I've learned my lessons, and i will take this painful failure a source of motivation to succeed in coming semesters. I hope that at least next time, in the future, when i read back this blog, i will be glad that i fell once and the fall will make me a successful person. I have a very supporting gf, token of appreciation to her. Perhaps it is time to fully use my ability. Gaming kills your future!! Never start playing a game!

I'm wishing for a chill beer for myself to enjoy :) Haven't enjoyed any for quite sometime. Oh yea, i had a god-bro (which our family are not much in contact with and not much in a talking term) who recently died of kidney failure. His reason of kidney failure was excessive of alcohols. Alcohols are good for our body but never take it too much. It "burns" your kidney make them dry. May god bless him and should we have any misunderstanding, do not bring it to the other world. And i promise, if in the future, his sons needs help, i will not be hesitate to help, at least to the best of my ability :D

I was told by my bro that my cousin brother will be opening a new club in Uptown Damansara. This will be updated next time when it is open. Hope it will be a cool one!

Till i write again, take care!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a day!!

Ah.. Well i woke up at 9 as i promised myself to do so. The day before, i only manage to get into sleep around 4-5am and woke up late in the evening. This is very unhealthy, i told myself. So today, WOKE UP AS EARLY AS 9! But actually if were given a chance to rewind the time, i would choose not to! Why? Here's the reason why. Woke up, read online newspaper, sms my wifey, do some push up, sit ups, head to the toilet and, nothing goes wrong yet? Ya... As perfect as anyone's morning. A perfect dream morning. Well... Go out for lunch and soon after, head to the post office. My bro received 2 summonses for his car. Cool... But none of my business so i don't really care. The money will not come out from my wallet, that's for sure. So.. i was driving along the road in front of USM. Drove at slightly below 80, speed limit is 70. My lecturer once told me, it is ok to exceed 10km/h. Glitch in the speed trap device will be discounted. There are 2 faggot police hiding behind a tree holding their pussy camera shooting at me. My reaction wasn't fast enough to say hie to them. But i think they wont be issuing me summons as i didnt exceed the plus 10km/h. Ok i thought i was lucky. We will see if i were lucky to escape this. I head straight to Public Bank to withdraw RM200. Bought an aeroline ticket to KL tmw. That cost me RM55. I was told not to lose the ticket if not, i will have to pay RM55 again. Ridiculous! They took every single detail of me, why can't they print a new one for me? On the way back home, i pass by car washing center. I thought it is time for me to wash my car since the last time i washed her was few months back. I turn in, ask them to wash body+engine+vacuum. That cost me another RM18. While i was sitting waiting for my car to be cleaned, i thought i could do my car another favor, by giving her alignment and balancing treatment. The last time i did it was around 3 months back. So from washing, i drove to tyre shop. It cost RM30 for both alignment and balancing. Left my car there, walk to 7-11 beside it for the free aircon. When they returned the car to me, i couldn't wind up my window. The switch spoiled! I knew it wont last long, but hey, not so fast!! But really, can't move at all. Drove to accessories shop to fix the switch. Gosh, one switch cost me RM38. I had to change both because the other one spoiled way earlier. There goes RM76. Total, spent around RM180 in just half day. Should i didnt wake up this early, i will be rushing to the post office if i wake up at 3-4pm. Then i will have no time to wash my car, i will not think of alignment and balancing, and they won't wind down my window and i will not need to change my switch. I coulda saved up to RM120!! What an expensive day for me :( and now i am going for a hair cut which will cost me RM12. Ugh... Money money money... You only love the rich. Dislike the poor. U stick to them, and run from us. Why would u do so??? I love u more than those rich people do! They will not treasure u, I do. Come to me, money!

Second chance

I got this mail from my sis-in-law-to-be. Although this is just a mere story, a made up story, i think it's worth reading.
I'm not doing plagiarism here. Was trying to find out the original writer but couldn't find. So if u happen to know the writer, tell me.

It's another morning..

.... Again I have to go to office.

Ohh, this is me. I shouted having a glance on my snap in today's news
But what the HELL it is doing in the death column??


One sec... Let me think, last night when I was going to bed I had a severe
pain in my chest, but I don't remember anything after that, I think I had a
sound sleep.

Its morning now, ohh... It's already 10:00 AM, where is my coffee?
I will be late for office and my boss will get a chance to irritate me.

Where is everyone.??? I screamed.

"I think there is a crowed outside my room, let me check." I said to

So many people... Not all of them crying.
But why some of them crying.

WHAT IS THIS??? I m laying there on the floor.

"I AM HERE" . I shouted!!! No one listen..
"LOOK I AM NOT DEAD" . I screamed once again!!! No one is interested in me.
They all were looking me on the bed.

I went back to my bed room.

"Am I dead??" I asked myself.

Where is my wife, my children, my mom-DAD, my friends?

I found them in the next room, all of them were crying. still trying to
console each other.

My wife was crying. she was really looking sad.
My little kid was not sure what happened, but he was crying just coz his
mom was sad.

How can I go without saying my kid that I really love him, I really do care
of him. ??
How can I go without saying my wife that she is really most beautiful and
most caring wife in this world..??
How can I go without saying my parents that I m . just because of u ??
How can I go without telling my friends that without them perhaps I have
done most of the wrong things in my life. thanks for being there always
when I need them.. and sorry for not being there when they really need me..

I can see a person standing in the corner and trying to hide his tears.
Ohh. he was once my best friend, but a small misunderstanding made us part,
and we both have strong enough ego to keep us disconnect.

I went there.. And offered him my hand, "Dear friend. I just want to say
sorry for everything, we r still best friend, please forgive me."

No response from other side, what the hell?? He is still preserving his
ego, I am saying sorry.. even then!!!
I really don't care for such people.

But one sec.. it seems he is not able to see me!!!! He did not see my
extended hand.
My goodness. AM I REALLY DEAD???

I just sat down near ME; I was also feeling like crying.

I just wasn't to make my wife, my parents; my friends realize that how much
I love them.

My wife entered in the room, she looks beautiful.
"YOU R BEAUTIFUL" I shouted.
She didn't hear my words, in fact she never heard these words coz I never
said this to her.

"GOD!!!!" I screamed. a little more time plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..
I cried.

One more chance please. to hug my child, to make my mom smile just once, to
feel my dad proud on me at least for a moment, to say sorry to my friends
for everything I have not given to them, and thanks for still being in my

Then I looked up and cried!!!!

I shouted..


"You shouted in your sleep," said my wife as she gently woke me up. "Did
you have a nightmare?"

I was sleeping..
Ohh that was just a dream..

My wife was there. she can hear me.
This is the happiest moment of my life.
I hugged her and whispered.. "U R THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND CARING WIFE IN

I can't understand the reason of the smile on her face with some tears in
her eyes, still I m happy..


Dear Friends,

Keep your ego aside and express your love, care, appreciation, friendship, because you won't get a second chance always.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sell Out

Ah... "Sell Out", a film produced by our very own movie producer Amok Films. The director for this film is Mr Yeo Joon Han. Starring: Jerrica Lai, Peter Davis, Kee Thuan-chye, Lim Teik-long,Wong Wai-hoong, Lee Szu-hung, Hannah Lo. Tribute to Hannah, the only worth watching actress in the whole movie. Not that i do not want to support local industry, start from cicak man, now sell out. None of it i find it interesting nor worth watching. Well this movie, Sell Out start off in a coffee shop where this girl, interview the director why is the movie boring(which the movie is). And out of sudden, people got killed for no reason. Another down part of this movie is that the camera man is so unprofessional. The way he handle the camera is so unstable which makes people dizzy! This is a total turn-off even at the beginning of the movie. Let's talk bout the story line. Basically until now, I don't even know nor understand what they are trying to tell us. If the rating is over 10, i would give them 2/10. 1 for Eric and another 1 for Hannah. Both of them looks great. Others, well forget bout it. I wouldn't recommend this show for any of my friends. It's a waste of time and money.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Much awaited holiday

ahhhhh.. The much awaited holiday is finally here! After a 2 week of struggle, finally the well-deserved holiday is here. IT'S HERE IT'S HERE!!! So far i only spent my days sleeping in and out. I had rashes on my body which makes me feel very itchy. I read the paper today and saw that a new virus was found. It's called the meningitis. It sounds to be serious and i had partial of the symptom. 1. Rashes 2. Headache(no-longer) 3. No appetite(no-longer) 4. Drowsy (No-longer). Lucky thing is i was not hit by fever. I guessed it's not that virus. Maybe, is due to stress during examination week. Hmm..talking bout examination, i think i do badly. Well, it's over. Just wait and pray for the result. Today is Mother's day. Lets wish all the wonderful mother in the world a Happy Mother's Day!
I'm going Singapore on the 14th with my GF. Flying by Tiger Air from LCCT KL. I'm looking forward to it, but has yet to change currency, book ticket to and back Penang, plan where to play and stuff. I wonder any passer by who read this blog would recommend me where to play. The last time i went Singapore was 15-16 years back. Back then, Malaysia don't even have a LRT. Just imagine how long has it been.

Monday, May 4, 2009

No point crying over spilt milk :) These are the only word i could tell myself. It's ok, this sem's result not good, there is another 6 sems. :D

Saturday, May 2, 2009

DIM SUM in Kampar

Stayed up whole night. Doing what? Main reason for it is to study but, mind can't concentrate. Ended up, play games to relax then study then play game then at 7, DIM SUM! Wasn't really nice but what can u demand for in a place like Kampar? Well, the ice cost RM1. Really not worth it isn't it? But then, hey who will drink chinese tea with ice in the morning?? No wonder they charge RM1 for it. Demand not high. Overall, not really satisfied but it is filling. I don't know how much i have to pay yet because i didnt bring any money out. What is the best thing to do when u are filled up? I would say SLEEP!!! Hahaha.. Adios.. Time to sleep.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Download NiCo - Nico
Guys.. Can always download Rindu by Nico here :)